Whether you're a seasoned host or just starting in the industry, Short Stay EA is your dedicated partner in success. Our tailored services cater to the unique needs of each client, ensuring a personalized and effective approach to short-term rental management. Browse our list of services below or book a call to find our what exactly it is you're needing to elevate your business.

Haven't found what you're looking for? No problem! We can customise tasks to suit your business' needs. Be sure to book a call to discuss 

Fees are structured on an hourly basis, charged at $75 USD per hour, or under the appropriate package selected. 

Disclaimer: While we strive to provide accurate information, we cannot guarantee specific outcomes. We strongly recommend verifying all advice with qualified legal or professional entities before implementing any recommendations. 

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Listing Creation & Optimisation


Whether you are starting from scratch or if your existing listings need a re-vamp, we take care of everything by personalising your listings in line with your business and brand. 

Business Onboarding & Guidance for Best Practice


Complete start to finish onboarding procedures and templates, creation of checklists and agreements, as well as best practise guides for clients to use.


Social Media  & Content Creation 


Creation of tailored content to engage your desired client across all platforms. Choose from 3 different social media packages that will ensure your online presence is relevant, up to date and thriving. 

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Copywriting Curation


To be used for digital marketing purposes: have your say, your way. Work with us to carefully curate your marketing tailored to your brand, to be sent via email flows and blasts, newsletters or blog posts for a squeaky clean online presence. 

Creation of Automation 


Streamline guest communication with automated responses to FAQs, check-in/out information, important messages and review prompts to ensure your guest communication is both  professional and personable. 

Personal Marketing & Branding 

Ensure your business is polished and professional, with the creation of personal marketing, flyers, business cards, logos, ect.



Property Styling


Existing property not booking well as expected? Or starting from scratch? Styling a property to attract your desired guest is paramount when hosting. Leave it to our team to provide feedback on your existing styling, or provide you with the 'must-haves' every rental must have to be listed. 

Generalised Hosting Support


Not sure what you need? But help is needed! Nonetheless, Hosting Support’ calculated by hours, get ongoing support for your business, for any tasks needing an extra set of hands or simply hands-on advice for the busy business owner. 

Creation of Presentations, Slideshows & Teaching Material


Speaking at a conference? Local meetup? Virtual Summit? Sometimes we simply do not have the time to prepare something eye-catching to compliment the topic you are discussing. No problems, leave it to us!

Comparative Market Analysis


Not sure what your property is worth? Wanting to compare local data within your area? We can send you a detailed comparative analysis for your property, whether you're at the beginning of your hosting journey, or whether you need to re-evaluate poor performing properties. 



Creation of Personalised Property Material


Whether this be a compendium or how-to manual left for guest arrivals, or Guidebooks to assist with the booking process, we can create something personalised and memorable for your guests which reflects your branding and style guide. 

Administrative Duties


For busy Short Term Rental professionals: including monitor and responding to enquiries, filing and organizational duties.

Social Media Packages

Together, we can create tailored content to engage your desired client across all platforms. With a comprehensive understanding of what your business needs, choose from 3 different social media packages that will ensure your online presence is relevant, up to date and thriving. To ensure the correct package is selected for you and your business, be sure to book in a call with our team below so we can better understand your needs and goals as a business for success. 

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DIY - Customise your own personalised templates!

Browse our list of readily available templates, contracts, agreements and more with a click of a button, from our sister site - Million Dollar Host! No need to wait for a call. All available in Word format, for simple use for your business. 

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